Traditional in-ground burial

The Traditional sections of the Saint John’s Alumni and Friends Cemetery all offer a panoramic view of the surrounding woods and face the eastern shores of Lake Sagatagan.   More than 90 single lots, 140 side-by-side, or “double” traditional ground burial lots, and 20 Estate lots are currently landscaped, with the potential for additional expansion as time and need require.   

The single or double Estate lots provide additional landscaping including trees, shrubs or flowers and a four foot granite bench bordering the sides of the estates.

Single lots (one burial).  Created for one traditional burial, or up to two cremation ground IMG_0747.jpginterments.  Designated to be marked by a slant style headstone.

Double-lawn lots (two burials). Side-by-side ground lots for two individuals that will be memorialized with one shared headstone. Granite headstones in a specific selection of sizes and colors have been approved by the cemetery committee for these shared lots.

Estate lots.The Estate monuments are designed to tie in with the rest of the cemetery stones, while offering a larger headstone for memorialization.