Making cemetery arrangements in advance of need is a loving and financially wise choice. Advance planning provides a family reassurance, comfort, and peace of mind.

Such thoughtfulness relieves family members of shouldering the burden of decisions during a most stressful time, allowing for careful decision-making in an unhurried atmosphere, and assuring that an individual's wishes will be followed. The benefit of planning with today's prices as opposed to tomorrow's can also represent a significant savings.

The selection of a preneed burial site may be made at your convenience.  The cemetery staff will walk you through the steps – determined by your preference for cremation or traditional ground sites, how many in your plans, and the type of location that feels right to you.      

Additional details can be found on  the "explore the cemetery" and "how to purchase" sections of our website. 

And of course, feel free to call the Abbey Cemetery Office at (320) 363-3434 for further information regarding advanced planning.

 A few details:IMG_1231.jpg

  • Two distinctive granite columbarium walls provide spaces for cremation interments.
  • Traditional and cremation lawn burial sites are available offering single, double and family estate lots.
  • Cemetery memorial services scheduled at a time convenient to family and friends are included for all choosing a burial site at Saint John's.
  • Purchase at today’s costs; interest-free payment plans are available.Courtyard_east_side_2010.jpg
  • We offer a selection of urns and caskets crafted from the woods of Saint John’s by the monks of Saint John’s.

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